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The design process is a really exciting stage of your party planning experience. Once you have decided on the design of your invitation, you can start to visualise the look and feel of your entire party. As part of your invitation design, I also incorporate a bespoke logo, which I will help you use, to brand and personalise your event.


I have listed every eventuality below, so you know what to expect.

Monday - Thursday: 9.30am - 2.30pm. 

Outside of this - I have young kids with me, therefore I can't take work calls, please email me instead.


Since the pandemic, I have been taking design briefs over the phone. Most clients are sending their invites out via paperless post, however - if you want to have them printed, I can post you samples on request (so you can see thicknesses / finishes). During our chat I will run through how I work, pricing, and the design process.


I empathise that it can be overwhelming when you start the process - so I will talk you through it all, and explain how it's all done, and how it all pulls together: from the logo design, to the e-invite, to branding the party... getting your logo onto the DJ booths etc, printed onto t-shirts etc - I help with it all!


I charge a one-off fee for designs, which is for logos and invites. Please email me for prices. (Email:


This includes: 


  • I will send you a large choice of logos + invitation designs via email (as a pdf) within a fortnight.

  • Included in the price is 3 rounds of tweaks. Further redesigns are available, at a charge. 

  • Please rest assured if anything changes re: Covid restrictions: I will make as many text changes as you need to the invitation, and as last minute as required, for no extra charge. I am very flexible and sympathetic to the situation we are in and will do whatever I can to help! 

  • You can then choose to send your invitations out as an e-invite (no extra charge), or have them printed (prices on request).

  • If you want to send it as an e-invite I will supply you with a hi res jpeg which YOU then upload to
    OR you can send out via email / Whats app. 

    If you need several versions (eg family invited to the shul, some friends for the evening etc). That's not a problem at all. Just you email me a list of the versions you need, and the wording, I will sort it and will make as many versions as you require, no extra charge.


  • Time frame:  I won't start designing until payment has been received upfront. Depending on how busy I am; designs will follow in approx 3-4 weeks.



Tel: 07740 199 246    Email:

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