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By paying the design fee you will own the copyright of all designs and artwork, to use however you choose.

For example, to have the logo printed onto t-shirts etc. I can help you with suppliers of these if you need, just ask and I'll assist!

On that note: I am here to help 'brand' your party: so whoever needs the logo (DJ / event coordinator / table dresser etc). Just let me know - and I will send them the art work in the format that they need.

If you want to order other stationery: eg. thank you cards / menus / speech cards etc. I can send you a price list on request, and show you examples.

If you want me to design other items for you - you can either order the printing through me (there won't be an extra design fee, just a charge for the printing per item), or if you want me to design something, and you print it elsewhere - I can quote you for my time depending on what you need.

Once the design fee has been paid, and I have started designs for you, I cannot offer credit notes or refunds.





I will send you an excel spread sheet for you to start collating your guest list. While completing this, please be mindful that all names & addresses will be printed exactly as you have supplied them - in regards to the spelling, spacing and grammar, so please check you are happy with the version that you supply me. Any reprints, will have to be paid for by you.



I will email you a final proof, to check over before going to print. I will not send your order to print until you sign this off, via email. Please note it is your responsibility to proof read all the text and copy, including your guest list. I can’t accept returns due to typographical errors. Once you’ve signed the final proof, you accept responsibility for any errors.


The final balance is due before I send your order to print. Payment can be made via bank transfer (bank details will be on the invoice). RSVP Lucy is VAT registered. All prices are subject to VAT. 


I take a lot of pride in my work, and am an utter perfectionist, I wouldn't give you stationery unless it passed my own quality control.


However, I have to make you aware of the following disclaimers when it comes to printing:


If mistakes are discovered after you have signed off the final proof,  I have to charge for reprinting.  


Please note that all computer screens are different, so the colours on your screen will appear be slightly different in shade when printed. Differences in colour, millimetres in size and positioning can happen, and do not constitute a fault or a refund. 


For digital invitations: the colours are RGB, so all colours viewed on a screen will appear bright / fluorescent compared to when printed. 

When printing: the colours are converted from RGB to CMYK, so the colours are less vibrant unfortunately. This is unavoidable.


My designs are printed with machines that use rollers: the paper can move a few millimetres left or right while printing. This is unavoidable. I will not give you a print job that is off-centre, but there has to be an expected minor margin for movement when printing. 


If your order is printed at different times or with different materials - there could be very slight variation in the colour.


Bespoke samples: can be ordered on request, and are £30 + vat each if cmyk,  digital foil or other specifications may be more. These take approx 10 business days to produce.


Due to the nature and process of digital foiling, there can be really tiny specks of the metallic foil (residue) that appear on other areas of the invite, giving it a 'shimmery' effect.

This does not constitute a fault or a refund, this is part of the print process when using digital foil.

These are printed on uncoated card. This has an intentional matt finish so that you can write on it without the ink smudging. If your invitations are printed with a coated / foiled finish the colour will vary when you put the invite side by side to the thank you card. This is due to the reflective properties of the paper, where the coated finish absorbs light and the shinier one reflects light. I do not recommend printing thank you cards on the same stock as the invites (ie. coated / foiled) as the ink will smudge when you try and write on them.



Please be aware that once your job has gone to print, it will not be economical to order  “just an extra 1 or 2” at a later stage. I recommend you order enough spares at this stage of the process as the price per item when you order a small print run later on will need to be re-quoted for, and will be more expensive.



Please allow for up to 15 working days for completion of printing, calculated from receipt of payment of the final balance. Please keep this in mind regarding when you want to post your invites out (usually 8 weeks before the event). I will need your completed guest list at least 4 weeks before you want to post your invites out. 

Party stationery: I recommend you have everything ready by the Weds before your party, therefore you need to send me your order atleast 2 weeks before then. 



Your invitations and corresponding envelopes will be packaged separately. Meaning, I do not personally pair each invite up with the corresponding envelope. 


Your stationery may not be in exactly the same order as your excel spreadsheet - this is unavoidable as the printer prints 6 or 8 items in a sheet, cuts them on a guillotine and stacks them together - so the order may be slightly jumbled and will need sorting by you. Apologies for any inconvenience, I know this isn't ideal, but this is out of my control.

Postage stamps are not included.


i.e. menus/ escort cards etc / table numbers etc.

I will check and count your order, and package them up in the food categories as you have supplied them to me. Eg. meat menus in one pile, veggie menus in another. I do not seperate the menus or escort cards by tables, you can choose to do this yourself, or pass onto your party planner to do this. Or if you / your party planner wants me to do this - it can be done, I  will charge by the hour for my time. 


The following items can be ordered and couriered direct to you, post and packaging included: thank you cards with blank envelopes, speech cards, table plans, signing boards, menus without guest names on them and speech cards.


Fragile and / or bespoke orders: ie. menus and invitations with the guest names on, printed envelopes,  escort cards, and place cards = collection is from my office in Radlett. If this isn't convenient - I can quote you for a courier (for larger boxes) or send to you in the post - no extra charge. 



By paying the design fee, you are in agreement that RSVP Lucy can post images of the designs from your event, the logo and invite, on my social media channels and website. Please let me know if you DO NOT consent to usage of the images & wish to not be tagged on social media.


By making payment you are agreeing to this Terms and Conditions policy. Due to the current situation with materials and energy costs, quotes will only be valid for 14 days (and subject to change).

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.

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